Many of you might be looking for different activities to do this Halloween and are wondering if UNRAVELED Escape Room is your ticket for fun. Here are three reasons why UNRAVELED Escape Room will make this Halloween one you will never forget.

1. Good, Clean, Fun

Usually this time of year, people tend to get a bit mischievous. Playing one of our rooms is no trick, rather it is a treat for everyone involved. We guarantee it will be more fun to escape from our Escape from Alcatraz, rather than being thrown into the local penitentiary this Halloween!

2. Fit Your Schedule

There is no curfew to your escape. Whether it be daytime our nighttime, you can escape at your own leisure. Book one of our rooms online and you’ll be having fun on your schedule! It is that easy and no need to wait until the witching hour is upon you!


If you have never played an escape room before or have never played one of our rooms, then you need to experience one of UNRAVELED Escape Room’s three amazing themes. See for yourself why we are “The Leader In Fun!”

So go round up a group of friends and family, and play a room at UNRAVELED Escape Room. We promise you it will be a Halloween experience you will never forget.